Saturday, November 2, 2013


David and I took our Cardigan Corgis, Wystan and Nibbles, out into our huge backyard today for a new "game"! We are surrounded in the back by planted pines and oak forests, but we have no "fence" per se. We hoped and trusted that our dogs' natural herding instincts (and awareness of the treats in our hands!) would keep them close to home. Ah yes. So it was! We were rewarded by a fun "game" of calling the dogs back and forth to us - each of us positioned some 25 or so yards apart. Seeing Wys and Nibbs "run like the wind to us" when we called was so exhilarating! I don't think that even a deer or a fox squirrel or a rabbit  - all of which we have many! - could have distracted our fur-children from their response to our command to COME! 

Thinking of this caused me to think of the disciples at the lakeside, called to by Jesus to "COME, follow me." They also, like Wys and Nibbs, hesitated not - dropped their fishing nets and followed (perhaps even ran?) to our Lord. 

May we too be ready to answer that call, that command, to COME. And find our lives changed forever.