Sunday, September 4, 2011


Slowly but surely, David and I are getting settled in our home. After a year, it's about time! But each week, each month, sees more pictures on the walls, fewer boxes sitting around the house, and more familiarity with what it takes to "look after" the property on which we now live. Somehow hanging pictures is symbolic of claiming our home as ours. Pictures that remind us of our "story" as a couple...and the stories of our families. Pictures that have been given to us through the years, bought by us through the years, or, in a couple of cases, even painted by us through the years. Hopefully there will be even more of the latter in the years to come.  Just this afternoon, we hung up a few more pictures...finally agreeing on exactly where each should go! David is the master picture hanger. I am the "measurer." Usually we agree. Usually.

Pictures. My mind wanders to the "pictures" surrounding us in the nave of our church. Stained glass windows ("pictures") that tell the story of our faith. The stories of our forebears in that are often gifts in memory of departed members of our parish family over more than a century. Stories in stained glass or in engraved bronze that serve, among many other things, to help us claim God's house as our "holy habitation." Our Home.

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