Saturday, September 3, 2011

Missing our "boys"

I created this blog over a year ago when we moved from the Gulf Coast of Florida to the Black Belt of Alabama. My previous blog (such as it was...) was called "palmettopriest." But, for obvious reasons, the move to Central Alabama took me far from palmettos! Thus...the new name and new blog.

The months since have been extraordinarily full. My time has been devoted to church and family responsibilities. We are loving Selma and the Black Belt and St. Paul's Episcopal Church. We are re-learning the rhythm of small town living...and in our case, country living, having settled out from town on 17 lovely acres. Pictures forthcoming.

It seemed establish a regular blogging practice. For fun and for those who care to stay in touch. As I logged onto Blogger though, I was immediately and poignantly reminded of a member of our family who is no longer with us....dear Dominic, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who crossed over the "Rainbow Bridge" at 16yo last June. I had forgotten I had posted his picture with me when I created my new blog page. It is too soon to remove the I've decided to keep it up for now. For sure, Dominic's spirit lives on with us...and I can still feel him in my arms. Even more importantly, I know Domie rests in his Creator's arms. And so does Cavalier Crockett, Dominic's "brother," who preceded Domie by eight years over the Bridge.....R.I.P., "boys".....

All that said, I hope now to be regular at posting on the blog...but I also knew I had to address the "absent little ones" in the picture and in our life first. So, now....on to Alabama Grace Notes - a now-and-then chronicle of my life and God's grace in Historic Selma and Alabama's beautiful Black Belt!!


  1. hi, just put you on my list of blogs I'm following. If you want to "follow' mine, it's here
    great start!!! Don't beat yourself up if you don't update every day, every week, whatever, sometimes I don't update for a bit, then i get back into it.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Nancy!! You are an inspiration!!