Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coloring Books

This morning during our Little Friends Preschool Chapel in our church's nave, the children and I were remembering the timeless Bible story of Noah and the ark. For some of the children, "Noah" was a new and somewhat strange name. We practiced it over and over again.  "Ark," too, definitely a strange and new concept for most of them. But the one word - the one image - that every one of these 3 and 4 year olds recognized was (you guessed it) "rainbow."  Eagerly, one-by-one, the preschoolers wanted to tell me ALL about all the colors of a rainbow. I had noticed that each child today was wearing something "blue" of the teachers whispered to me, "It's Blue Day." Ah-ha, thought I. I wondered what "color" I was "wearing" today. What it a "blue" day for me as well....or perhaps more "yellow"...or on the other hand, "grey"? More likely, a mixture of hues. A mixture that will probably look "different" tomorrow....

Lately I have been thinking a lot about colors...and "coloring books." I am re-discovering a very meaningful way of prayer...utilizing colors in a prayer journal.... an important way for me to express myself to God in a "coloring book" and to carry those prayers with me in my mind's eye throughout the day. A huge thank you to author Sybil MacBeth whose books Praying in Color and Praying in Color for Kids got me re-started along this particular path during this season in my life....

So, Little Friends, I join you in joyfully celebrating colors of all sorts, marveling at the many ways God speaks to us and through us in "all the colors of the rainbow"!

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